Q: What can the scan be used for:

A: Scans can be used to create 3D sculptures as gifts for kids and keepsakes for memories. You may also be able to utilize your scan with future technology as well.


Q: Is the scanning process safe?

A: Yes, it is a high performance SLR and data capture cameras


Q: Can I buy the data and 3D print myself.

A: Yes we sell a data package; however please investigate the cost to print prior


Q: Can we have a family or group captured in 3D

A: Yes, but to accurately capture the data each individual will need to be scanned separately


Q: Can I have my pet scanned and printed?

A: Yes, however your pet would need to be disciplined enough to stay still for 5 seconds


Q: Can I get additional sculptures?

A: Yes, we offer a 30 dollar discount for each additional sculpture.


Q: Is the product exact reproduction of the individual?

A: While not perfect as the scanning equipment will not capture 100% of the data, we use sophisticated software adding missed spaces after scan.  The colors will be very close to original and we try to eliminate any shadows that may be created in the process.


Q: Can I change my clothing in the studio.

A: Yes we have a changing area in the studio


Q: How long until I get my sculpture?

A: Right now it takes approximately 7-10 days


Q: Can you ship the sculptures to my address?

A: Yes, we can ship it anywhere you wish; however there is an extra charge.